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Floating fish... Can't swim away from surface

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I got a new CT female this past weekend and had a hard time feeding her.She wouldn't eat anything but 2 bloodworms in about 5 days. She finally ate for real yesterday, maybe 3 aqueon pellets. Today, I fed her the same amount. I came back from dinner and found her floating at the top of her tank. She keeps trying to swim down, but floats back to the surface and she keeps tipping over on her side.

Is this bloat or SBD? Or something else?

If it is, I don't have any epsom salts, nor an easy way to find them. Does anyone know if CVS carries them?

I have a test tonight at 7, and I hate to leave her alone, but I don't have a choice... Can anybody help??
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Most likely bloat or a mild form of SBD- in the cups they aren't usually fed or they are too stressed to eat, so a system going from no food to being filled up can case trouble (in time she should be fine, go ahead and start out small, 1 pellet per meal twice a day for a few days, then 2 pellets per meal, etc.) Give her a day to digest it all with no food to catch up.

CVS may carry it- most pharmacies and places such as Walmart carry it for pretty cheap.

Start her out at 1 tsp per gallon, dissolved prior to adding her in it- use water conditioner, daily 100% water change. It can take 8-10 days for them to be fully recovered. If by the 5th day she still is having issues, up it to 2 tsp per gallon.

CVS company caries them- just make sure it's dye and fragrance free.. CVS Epsom Salt

Let us know how she is doing and if her symptoms change any.. good luck!
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Thanks so much for help! As soon as I finish my test, I'm running down to CVS to pick up the salts!! CVS is pretty much the only place I can get to here without taking the bus for 40 mins :/

My only question would be her feeding. Should I be feeding her while I use the salts after a day of fasting?

I feel so bad for this little girl, as she's been through a lot this week. I just want to make her a healthy, happy betta.
Go ahead and stop food for the day, even two if you want to be extra careful.. after that then start on 1 per meal, twice a day while on salts.. Epsom is very gentle on them and she won't have any ill effects while eating in it. It is also a way for her to get her strength/nutrition up while being treated as well.

Good luck on the test!
Just got back with a carton of epsom salt, dye and fragrance free. I added 2 tsp already to her 2 gallon tank. I'll see how she is tomorrow and make my decision on the feeding then. And I'll make sure to feed her just two pellets a day. Let's keep our fingers crossed for her!

Sorry to bother you, but I've got just one more question... With some illnesses I know you need to raise the temp... Should I be keeping her water any warmer than usual? It's normally around 78-80. She seems to be gravitating toward her heater, but I don't know if that's by choice...

Thanks again!

Oh, and the test went pretty well, considering it was a test on soil XP
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