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Food, how to balance too much with not enough?

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It it a matter of finding a nice balance through trial and error? I'm having trouble getting Fred's food just right, I gave him three pellets this morning and let's just say he won't get any food tonight. So how did everyone find just the right amount to feed?
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My issue is that with three pellets Fred was looking rather rotund immediately after eating. I had planned on trying for three in the morning and three in the evening, but I think three at a time may be too many. So I believe tomorrow I'll try 2 in the morning and two in the evening, but that just...doesn't seem like enough.
They are 1mm NLS All Purpose Pellets.
Hm, from what I've been read on here I thought 6-7 pellets a day seemed pretty average.

ETA: I misspoke(typed?) in my previous answer, if I cut down to two pellets a day I would throw an afternoon meal in there.
I'm not sure where you got that I was forgoing pellets for a treat?

My current plan is either 3 pellets two times a day or 2 pellets three times a day, as 3 at a time seems to make him appear bloaty.

So he would be getting on average 6-7 pellets a day.

ETA: Oops I saw my mistake, I meant if I cut down to 2 pellets a meal, I would throw an afternoon meal in there. So two pellets 3x a day. My bad. :oops:
I saw my typo in my earlier post, I meant two pellets a meal not two pellets a day. Totally my mistake.
1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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