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Re-scaped one of my tanks and removed a lot of:
Lilaeopsis brasiliensis
Lilaeopsis mauritiana
Lilaeopsis nova "mini"
They're mixed together and fill a 4"x2"x5.5" container, few hundred 'nodes'.. grass leaves.. what ever term you prefer with roots, lots of long runners you can trim into smaller bunches.
disclaimer: plants come from a tank that has algae and cherry shrimp, there's also the small chance of blue eye gertrudea eggs mixed in these.

Asking $30 +$7 shipping for all of it.. I'd paid close to $100 for all these over 2 years ago (mostly for the mico x.x)
Payment via Paypal goods and services, shipping within Contentment US using small flat rate priority mail.

didn't keep up on tank photos >.<, this photo is from feb 2016, lot more of it now

Free extra option:
can include a sandwich baggie of salvinia minima if wanted for no added cost.disclaimer: harvested from a few tanks there's a chance of algae
1 - 2 of 2 Posts