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For such small fish they pack a lot of personality [new fish]

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I bought a new fish a few days ago. I COULDN'T HELP IT. He was the prettiest one in the store and I just couldn't bear to see him go with some kid who won't care for him right!

Anyway, keeping with my tradition of naming all my fish after Roman emperors, his name is Vitellius. (I just call him V for short, as my first fish, Tiberius, I call Ti. Weirdly enough Ti has survived through the deaths of Caligula, Claudius, Nero, Galba, and Otho.) He's... well, I wouldn't know what to call his pattern. His face is white with black splotches, his body is a dark blue, and his tail and fins are that same dark blue with semi-transparent white tips. He's a half moon.

And just as with all the other bettas I've owned, I am pleasantly surprised at his personality, though I've only had him a few days so from what I can gather... he's a vicious little guy. I had him flaring at Ti and he kept headbutting the side of his container, and he killed one of the ghost shrimp in the tank with him (so I moved the other to the other tank) But he's REALLY cute, very very active. He just built his first bubblenest in the corner opposite the heater. And you can bet once he got used to having a whole 10 gallons to himself he just loves to swim laps around the top! The only bad thing is he won't stay still long enough for me to get a photo of him that's anything more than a blue blur.
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Yeah, Betta's have a HUGE personality. When ever I feed my Betta Bloodworms, I always like, drag it along the surface so that he tries to chase it. At the end, when he's "tired", he like pulls the Bloodworm really hard. He's like, "What's your problem?" He gets it REALLY visciously. I still love him, though. Why can't they live long like goldfish? Goldfish just want to eat.
I just wish they would get along.. if so, we all would own well, a store full.. I am so ready to get another tank, and another betta, I have a upstairs, downstairs apt, and Sammy is downstairs, and my daughter wants him in her room, so If I go bigger tank size, with stand, and get another betta, I can get a few compatiable mates too..
There are quite a bundle of fun and happiness!
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