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So I got this thing... And now I can paint! Whoo! I found what is easy for me, so I'm gonna do free bettas!
You can choose to have bettas name on picture
Black and white picture requests are aloud
Up to three requests only
Multiple fish are aloud
I do the background the photo has as that is easiest.
Have a clear photo of your fish
Choose which type of paint you would like

Hair Text Skin Font Eyebrow

If you have any questions, just ask

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I would love it if you would do Gajeel in 1.Paint
Green Organism Tail Fish Glass

Freshwater aquarium Aquarium Organism Fish Tail

(sorry the second picture isn't very clear, I added it to give you a bit of a sense as to what his face looks like lol)

Or Gray Fullbuster in 2. Watercolor
Blue Electric blue Tail

Blue Organism Plant Aquarium Feather

It would be cool if you added their names onto the picture.
I've never had my bettas drawn/painted before, so I'm rather excited to see how they will turn out :)
If you don't want to do both, you can pick one of them :)

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Awesome! I haven't posted a pic yet so I will now!! whichever fishy you prefer!!....thank you SO do beautiful work!!

this is Elijah...

and this is Sebastian...


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What lovely work hun. Looks like you'll be busy for a while. Let me see if I can find a pic or two myself. I'm not sure if the ones I have are clear enough.
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