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My new fish Frisk lives in a 1 gallon Micro Bow1, with a filter (which we put a suppressor over), a decoration shaped like a vase (smooth edges), and a plant (not sure the name but it goes well with the bowl). My fish's color has been improving immensely since we got him, and since he is a crowntail we keep his fins in the best condition possible with partial water changes every Friday. Anything I should improve?
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Anything I should improve?
With a 1 gallon bowl you will need to do more water changes,

Upgrade him to a bigger tank, some people say 2.5 gal minimum, I say 5 gallon.

Do you have a heater?
Pwc once a week is not enough to keep up with a 1gal bowl. You need a 75-100% every other day. If you don't want to do that, and would rather stick to the weekly schedule, shoot for a 5gal. The bigger, the easier.
100% water changes can stress the fish I would do 50 to 75% every other day and treat the water with 2 drops of Prime.
Ok, I have a half gal cleaned milk jug filled with treated water all the time, so I'll do that along with a quarter gal carton
50% every other day is fine. The biggest danger is over feeding. Don't over feed and you'll be fine.
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Does he have a heater? That's actually more important than the filter. Fluctuating temperatures, even just a few degrees, can compromise a Betta's immune system and lead to stress and illness. Best temperature is 78-80 F.

IMO, if you have a filter and use a turkey baster daily to clean up feces and excess food you only need to do a 50% water change twice per week. Do not remove him from the bowl and do not do 100% water changes; they are, as noted above, entirely too stressful.

You didn't ask, but I would recommend you look into this $14.00 2.5 gallon from PetSmart. It has a glass canopy and your current filter would most likely work. Your Betta will love the extra room and you will find it much easier to maintain.

This is how to reduce water changes in a 2.5 down to one 25% per week. Not everyone can budget in a full API Master Test Kit; a liquid Ammonia test will work, too. Liquids are cheaper in the long run than strips.
Are you sure 50% every other day? My fish is showing no negative response but that still seems a bit much.
Personally I find the API kit a bit unreliable, Because it cant tell the difference between Ammonia and Ammonium.

I prefer the Seachem ammonia alert tag.

Ammonia is toxic to fish while Ammonium is relativity harmless.
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Are you sure 50% every other day? My fish is showing no negative response but that still seems a bit much.
Yes, I'm sure. If that seems a bit much to you, you need to upgrade.

No reason to ask a question if you're not gonna trust the answers. Think about it, why would any of us steer you wrong? :)
Are you sure 50% every other day? My fish is showing no negative response but that still seems a bit much.
If you suction out the gunk every day and don't over feed, 3 times a week is sufficient.

Also, get a hold of some java moss. It really helps keep the ammonia levels down.
Ok, I'll continue doing so, thank yoy
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