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Fry Dying

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On this second attempt to breed the same pair the same thing happened.. the fry did not get past the vertical bobbing up and down. All die. Going to try to breed female to another male to see if it was just the pairing.
Temp 82 degrees, plants, light, 10 gallon tank, betta spa, all recommendations for breeding tank was followed.
Am i doing something wrong or bad pairing? Koi HM to sister
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was the male still kept in?
what about your water chemistry?
how deep is your spawning tank?
male was kept in the first time for 4 days. Second time he was not interested in the nest after a couple of days and i took him out. Many eggs fell to the floor before hatching. The tank is about 5 inches deep. Maybe i am not turning on the filter soon enough? When then? I didn't test the water. One person suggested to leave the fry alone for the first week. I will be making another attempt next week. Any suggestions would be helpful.
It's definitely not a filter problem.
What it can be are 2/3 possible things:
1) water chemistry. Adult bettas can tolerate a plethora of conditions where as the fry/eggs cannot. With certain species of fish, hard water stunts fry development or even fertilization all together.
2) male behavior-- some bettas aren't meant to be fathers.
3) improper conditioning. Male is too fatigued to tend to the nest.
first time i used r/o water. Second time i used tap water with conditioner. So softer water would be better? I was also conerned about the amount of debris on the bottom of the tank in just a few days, too many plants floating at top? They hatched on time but never got past the yo-yo phase.
that shouldnt be a problem. quite strange indeed--from what you are telling me, it seems that everything should have worked out. didnt you remove the male a bit early the first time around? try using RO water and remove the male a bit later, 72 hours from hatching.

also, it is normal for the nest to deteriorate significantly after hatching--it does not mean that the male is not tending to the fry. rather he's spending most of his time catching them and shoving them up into the nest with a makeshift spit. keep the tank well covered and protected from drafts to help extend the life of the nest.
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