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Fry struggling to swim!

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My betta fry female is struggling to swim! Her tail looks kinked when she's resting, and she rolls to the left nearly to her side! She appears to be struggling just slightly when swimming forwards/down as well, as if she's being pulled back to the surface. Her belly seems a little full too but I've been feeding her a usual amount of micro pellets (petstore food sold with the fish fry). She has no apparent injuries or fin tears, no bleeding or cuts anywhere either. No discoloration. I fear it may be SBD... will take photos soon...

Water temp is kept at 80 F w/ heater
Just did a full water change/bowl cleaning yesterday. Bowl is kept pristinely clean always.
No filter she's in a bowl.

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Do you have a picture of her?

The betta fry you find in stores usually end up with issues. I breed... And sometimes I see fry who have a "heavy bottom". Most of them grow out of it. Another issue you may find with the pet store fry is bloat - SBD, swim bladder disorder.
Yeah I was worried that might be the case, since she was a PetCo baby and the only one who wasn't floating in their cup when I found her. She was just a little bit plump yesterday so I fed her half the amount she usually gets this morning, but when I went to feed her just now she looked like she was gonna pop. x.x She's swimming a little better now, I just noticed it while she was trying to stay still and eat. She only rolls/twists when she stops swimming...

Behold, photos from my phone...


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also its important to note that she's not sinking at all, just ...floaty. e.e Not sure if thats good or bad.
she pooped twice! o.o now she's swimming just fine and not kinking or floating weird at all. Must have just been constipated... I'll keep an eye on her regardless... >.> Stoopid feesh.

Babies man :T

Thanks for the help tho if it happens again I'll update and try the salts :3
Yah on average she's been eating maybe 5-6 micro pellets per feeding x.x I just though maybe she was super hungry after being a petco baby (I know they don't feed them like they should). I'll have to make sure we cut down how much she gets just a little. x3 Piggly wiggly.
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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