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I'm selling some aquarium stuff I no longer use.

1. Tiki Ornament (5.75" x 4.75") - Used

Paint is bit chipped off on the yellow part. Other than that, perfect condition.

2. Hideway Pipes (3" x 3") - Used

I tried to remove but still has some white sand from the tank it was in. Otherwise perfect condition.

3. Driftwood (9.5" x 7" x 6") - Used

It barely fit in my Fluval Spec V. It had been in the tank for about 18 months before I decided to take out to make more room for plants. I believe I paid $22 for this piece. It is really beautiful and didn't stain the water or lower the pH. I would use this in my other tank if the tank were bigger. It would look best in a 20G or bigger. I'm giving it free because when it's in water, it drops tiny wooden flakes.

4. Stainless Steel LED raisers - New, never used

I bought these for my Planted+. It was too late when I realized that my LED was longer than the tank, so these raisers wouldn't work. You can use these at any height. Below is the link to the product.

I want to sell the item 1,2,3 as a package. They will be shipped in a medium Priority Mail Box. $20 Shipped.

The LED raisers are $10 shipped by first class mail.

All of them are $28 shipped in medium Priority Mail Box.

Paypal only.
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