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Hi Brita, always nice to meet a fellow Aussie. I just said in a post yesterday how Alice Springs is a great place to visit. Hot, though!

How does your betta like the 'roo? I heard it was safe to feed tiny pieces of beef heart and meats without oils or added fats. Roo is really low in fat and free of hormones and all the other garbage beef and poultry are full of (which is why I eat kangaroo often) - so I'd say it was even better than beef heart for the fish.

My Sid's tank is about the same/a little bigger than yours, and he totally hated the filter pump (Dymax) until I figured out it was adjustable. I put it on the very lowest setting and he thinks it's great, it doesn't blow him around the tank and he even plays in the bubbles.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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