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gender confused.. again. :|

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hi guys~
ive recently bought a new betta,, supposidely female.... but i keep getting this hunch that its actually a male. for one, shes MUCH bigger than anyone ive kept before..even my full grown males arent as big as her and her body doesnt seem too female-like to me. its not rounded like the others. ive checked to see if shes got an ovipostor, and shes got one but its pretty small..also shes pretty docile, and she doesnt flare at anyone..
anyways, im at a loss... and i would appreciate anyone's input! :D
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1. Usually male bettas have noticeably longer fins than females

2. Usually females have short fins, but there are quite a few exemptions were male have short fins too, like plakat bettas.

3. Females are usually a bit more passing of tankmates, but sometimes this isn't true as females have been known to be just as aggresive as males sometimes

4. Females have what's called an opivoster right by there ventral fins, it's just a little white dot. But sometimes juvenile males have this same spot too

5. Males usually have larger, and longer anal fins

6. Males have what's called a beard. A darkened area by gills, of you put up a mirror they will flare and show this beard
Yes, I agree with the above posts regarding as to her being a female Betta Splendens. a magnificent one you have there.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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