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Getting 2 new tanks ready

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Even though my 10 gal. isnt necessarily nice looking, it's housing my baby betta and 2 snails at the moment. But I just set up 2 new tanks! A 1 gal. and 2.5 Gal. Heres the process lol

First I had to clean all of the sand.. it was just a 5 lb. bag so not much.

Then I had to get my 2.5 gal. ready.. took me like forever to figure out how everything worked even though ive had fish tanks for a while :p

I put the sand in and im waiting for it to settle, also used some products on the water to clear it up and make it safe for the fish.

LOOK! Now it's all planted! The sand looks great! Im never going back to gravel/rocks.

I also filled the 1 gal. and heres a picture of both of them together :)

Going to put my baby betta (she's yet to have a name so shes baby betta for now) in the 1 gal. since It makes me really nervous when she is in big bodies of water with her little fins... (im a protective mother alright! and shes my baby! lol)
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The one gallon was actually bought with a divider for to bettas. I got it at petsmart a long time ago. And i bought an LED stick on light for the top of it. It works well but fell into the tank.. So now i keep it on the outside
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