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I am brand new to the whole betta fish thing.

How small of a tank can I get away with getting without compromising the quality of life of a single betta? Also depending on the size, what size is the biggest aquarium I can get that will not need to be filtered? I am a student and working on a limited budget. I will need to get a heater for the aquarium because my house is relatively cold, especially in the winter.

I don't really know what to get other than:
-heater (Do I need a light if I have a heater?)
-Water conditioner
-A betta fish
-food for the fish

Please let me know if there is anything else I need to get, and how small an aquarium I can get. Any and all advice is appreciated as I am a complete nooby.
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What is your budget? Can you order online?


1. Tank: You can get a 5.5 gallon tank-only in PetCo for around $14.00

2. Heater: A 25 watt at Aquarium Heaters: Hydor Theo Heater for $15.

3. Thermometer: I recommend a digital thermometer over floating glass. You can get that at F&S.

4. Canopy: A glass canopy Aquarium Lighting: Marineland Glass Aquarium Lighting Canopies for under $10.00.

5. Filter: Either an internal Aquarium Internal Filter IF-202 or HOB (Hang On Back) Aquarium Hang on Filter PFE-1 - 15 Gal Capacity, 45 GPH, 2W filter from AquaTop/TruAqua.

6. Water Conditioner: Drs. F&S also has Seachem Prime for half-price until tomorrow so if nothing else, I would get a bottle of the 500mL right now for under $7.00.

Total: Around $60.00

I use all of the above and am very happy with everything.

Optional: In no particular order

1. Substrate: For a 5.5 you need about 10 pounds of gravel or sand.

2. Vacuum: Wal-Mart has airline tubing you can use as a vacuum. Or, you can use a regular turkey baster to clean up waste.

3. Light: You can use a regular clip-on light. Use a timer set for eight hours so you don't get algae. For plants I use this light but it may be pricy for some and can certainly be bought later or a Christmas or birthday present. :) Finnex Stingray LED Fixture: 16 Inch The 16" is for a 5.5 but if you have a canopy you can use the 12" which is $10.00 cheaper.

4. Silk or live plants (Drs. Foster and Smith has good silk plant packages). Live: Anubias, Hornwort, Anacharis, Wisteria, Cryptocoryne. You can start out with silk and transition to live as you gain knowledge.

5. "Hides." But, if you have enough plants you don't need hides as the plants will serve the same purpose.

Welcome to the Forum! :wave:
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The tank is in-store only. I believe the Stingray are less on the Finnex site (the one linked) than Amazon. Drs. Foster and Smith may be on Amazon but don't know if their sales are available on Amazon.

Have fun!
I like a 10 gallon and a lot of people get those thinking they might divide. My favorites are my PetCo 5.5 gallon tanks. I'm using the 2.5 so my last few have gone directly into a 5.5. I buy mine all of my Betta from Martias Pham on FaceBook and none have had any trouble acclimating to the 5.5s and larger. Martias is a breeder; not an importer.

Anything from 5.5 up is good if you might eventually add tank mates. All of the latest photos in my journal are Betta in a 5.5.

I'm in La Vergne; where are you. If you don't want to say here you can send me a PM.
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