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Ghost shrimp

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I was wondering about ghost shrimp. Are they hard to take care of? Do they need filters or other special equipment? And do they have any other special needs? What other shrimp or snails go well with a male betta?


Queen Zeno
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I have ghost shrimp with both males and my sorority, and they are doing great and getting big. I make sure a bit of food sinks when feeding so they can scavenge it, so far they're all doing really well. I drop in shrimp pellets now and then as an extra food source, but my females will tear into it if they spot it so I don't know how much the shrimp actually get.

Nerite snails and assassin snails are fine as long as the male will tolerate them. He might not like sharing his space.
Thanks for replying, styggian. Do you know if the shrimp or the snails are easier to take care of?

Queen Zeno
I'd say it's about equal, but you might need to supplement the snails with calcium rich food to keep their shells in good condition.

I forgot to mention that both sides of my divided tank have filters, both are baffled to reduce water turbulence. I'm not sure how shrimp would fare without a filter, someone else may know and comment.

I forgot to ask if they need live plants?

Queen Zeno
Hate to intrude with a question of my own but could I get a few of them in a 10 gal with a male betta and a few platties?
I currently have one Shrimp (shrimpy) and he's in an unfiltered 1 gal with a mossball, a bridge, and several rocks. I was feeding him algae wafers and betta pellets but ever since I gave him bloodworms he's been on "strike" and thats all he'll eat. What a jerk! :p

I've had him since December
They are simple to take care of. As someone stated before make sure they get their share of food. I have 10 in a 30 gallon tank and they like to have a few hiding spots. Also live plants
would be good to so they can hang out up top. i do know i had tiger barbs with them and had to remove the barbs because they would constantly pester the shrimp. They are neat little guys and are a great addition to a tank

Thanks for your replies. I will definitely think about getting some. Will it be all right to get only two? Do the fish stores sell them as singles?


Queen Zeno
I know pet smart sells them individually. Mine tend to scurry around the bottom, that's how they feed for the most, at least mine. It shouldn't cause any issues to start with two.
I have 2 ghost shrimp. they dont need much help because they just crawl/swim around the bottom of the tank. One of them was eaten though by my betta so you just haev to watch out!!!!!!!!! :)
Good Luck!
I got my ghost shrimp at Petsmart for .33 cents. Pretty cheap! one bit of advice I did discover when cleaning my tank last. I have two shrimp in a 3 gal tank. I put them in a small cup when I was re-arranging and cleaning my tank. Ghost shrimp can jump out of low water!

When I went to put them back in I was missing one! I looked all over and found him under my desk on the floor! I quickly scooped him back in the cup, went to the kitchen for a towel, came back and he escaped the cup again! He was on my desk! Sneaky little guy! But he seems to be recovering from his land journey.

Oh, funny thing, when he fell on the floor I instinctively reached down to pick him up, and he whapped my fingers with his tail! That hurt, too! Feisty devil!
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