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"Gill cover" issues (pic)

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I had gotten a white looking male a week or so ago, and noticed more so when I got home with him that his gill cover on his face, or operculum, around the beard area, on his left side is half missing. I can see the redness of gill tissue underneath. His right side looks normal, but this left side looks almost like maybe a birth defect? I've noticed he hasn't been eating much the past day or to, and He mostly stays at the top of the water and doesn't move around much like he was. Could this just be me being a worrywart, a birth defect, or some kind of disease? And I haven't really seen him flare his beard, so that's not it, it's all the time, and it's literally missing, not stuck, or hanging out and what not. Any advice or opinions will be appreciated, THANKS!

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Wow...that looks like a big chunk! o_O Is it bothering him in any way? I've never seen that before.
It doesn't seem to be in terms of moving and breathing or what not, I'm gonna do a PWC today on him, he seems a bit sluggish, and hardly eating anything for the past two days, he seemed to perk up a little this morning before I left for work. I just can't tell what it could be. It looks like it was eaten away or torn, or just deformed from birth, something like that, it's a little raised where the part is missing, somewhat like a tough area, or scar tissue like.
I am not sure what that is from, but i once had a betta with i think holes in his beard. I will post a pic so you can see what i am talking about. I would try a water change and some aquarium salt as this usually is the best remedy for a lot of ailments and can perk up most fish pretty fast. Try 1tbs per 5 gallons for now.


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Perhaps he was in a fight with another fish before you bought him? I'd keep an eye on it- if it seems to be getting worse you may have some sort of bacterial infection on your hands, but if not it's probably just an old injury or defect that he should be fine to live with.
I have a girl that is like that as well, just even worse than yours. I made a thread about it a couple months ago. I put her in her own tank, she would have gone in the sorority, but no one knew if it would heal. I had her on aquarium salt as well. The truth is, she is fine in the sorority, her gill flap never came back, it might be really slow growing, but I haven't seen any changes.

So really you have nothing to worth about. I might Jheng a picture in my album bettas if you want to see.
Thanks everybody. I'm thinking it's just an old injury, but who knows. I'm gonna keep an eye on it just in case, but I think he's okay. :)
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