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Gill damage or disease???? Pic included

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Hi Everyone--

I changed Jack's tank out today and a couple of hours after returning him to the tank, his left gill flap is extended and some tissue is extruding from the gill. The right gill flap is normal.

I removed him from the tank, removed the new items I'd added, replaced the water with new water and a bit of Epsom salts, and returned him to the tank. So far there's no change in the gill's condition.

Jack seems fine. He's swimming and exploring and ate a couple of pellets. If the gill weren't weird I'd say he's a healthy, happy fish.

Please see the picture below. The problem gill is in the red box.

HELP!?!?! What should I do for him???


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sometimes gill damage and parasite can cause a gill to stick out.... not sure what happened if it were just a water change though...
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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