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Giving Away Pleco in Windsor Area

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Hey guys,

I have a common pleco I need to rehome. This is probably a long shot because I'm not sure there are many people that live in the Windsor, Ontario area. The pleco is around 5-6" right now and residing in a 20 gal tank. I will only give him away to someone who plans to put him in at least a 50 gal tank. I rescued him from a friend because he was originally living in a 10 gal tank with terrible water conditions. But I know I won't be able to hold onto him forever.

No fee for him. I only request the person who takes him picks him up from me. Message me if interested.
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It should be noted that the common pleco grows to 24" and needs a 300g tank. Keeping it in too small of a tank causes stunting which means body doesn't grow but organs continue to-leading to a painful death.
You could look for a local Fish Club they are likely to have big tanks and post there. This is one fish I wish they'd stop selling the average aquarium owner is not prepared to care for them
The pleco has been rehomed :)
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