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Glimmer was the best

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She was the very first betta I bought and I feel like I cut her life short by buying her from Petsmart 2 months ago. She was always my favorite because her tail gleamed in the sunlight.

I feel like such a bad fish owner. I go 2 weeks without cleaning my 20 gallon fish tank with 5 bettas and then one fish died. I usually go 1 week, and then I do a 25% water change but I got really busy that week and didn't do it until 2 days ago.

Three days ago, I noticed she didn't go to the surface to eat anymore but I just thought she was tired and wanted to sleep. Then, the next day I noticed she didn't eat, and didn;t give much thought to her until I realized her fins were rotting. I really wanted to go to the pet store to get medicine but it was nighttime. Yesterday, we were too busy with a party we had to throw and we couldn't go to the pet store. So I just moved her to her own tank. Today, she was alive in the morning, but by the time I went to the pet store and back home, she was dead. Also, she began to tell a yellow color vs her pink.

Rest in peace Glimmer. I'm sorry I wasn't the best owner I thought I was. Let my tears remind you that I'm very sorry and foolish. I will never go another week without cleaning the tank.
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I am so sorry for your loss. Glimmer, enjoy your stay in the big rice paddie in the sky.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Your tank looks really nice.
@BettaJen Thanks. I spent a lot of money ($40-50) trying to make it look nice and be a happy environment to live. Whereas I should've used some of that money to buy prerequisite medication. :(
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