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Going on Vacation I Need Advice

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I'm going on vacation for 3 days and have discover the vacation feeder that automatically feeds fish. Do they work for Betta?
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No. They usually don't eat them anyway, and it dirties up the water and can make it very toxic very quickly. 3 days is not very long for a Betta to go without food - so it would be better just to not feed him. They can go weeks without food.
Sometimes I don't feed my fish for three days at a time, when I'm home. I'm actually 6 days in on a 13 day trip at the moment. Fish can go a reeeeally long time without food - it takes a few months before the fish is even noticeably skinny. There is far more harm that can come from trying to feed them while you are gone than good.
Yeah I agree. I wouldn't try to use the autofeeder. Just make sure you do a water change right before you leave so that their water levels don't get too toxic while you are gone.
Have you thought about hiring a pet sitter to watch your fish? They can come to your house, watch your fish and they can even clean your house.
Another NO vote for the vacation feeder. I used one when I first got my fish. I came back to find a very sick fish, with a decaying feeder that that had caused major pollution in the tank.

Going without food for three days won't hurt them.
Glad to have come across this thread. I'm going on vacation for a week next month, and was considering getting some of the feeder blocks for my boys. Not anymore!
I wouldn't use those feeder blocks that they sell at the pet store. They could up your tank really badly and are a mess to clean up.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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