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Gold Halfmoon

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Hi all. Sharing a male gold halfmoon.

(click on image for higher resolution)
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yes he is i have him on facebook :) beautiful betta's too

I...I want one! Dx
That is pretty, Makes me wish my White/Yellow had a closer to gold tone than the yellow.

That is gorgeous.
i love having bettamas on facebook because i could see the betta's for sale AND whats not :D i basically like looking at betta's >-< hehe
You said they're on facebook?? Can you PM me the link? I think I might have them but I don't remember x.x
Thanks all for the comments. I'm just a home breeder, a regular hobbyist.. :)
That's BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE HIM!:nicefish:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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