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good pics of sparta

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i found this new part of my fuji camera that i could do this micro zoom thing :lol: since sparta is so tiny for 2 months old (gonna be 3 months next week:lol:) i got this very good and clear pics of him :-D i'll show pics of his mom and dad in the bottom

and here is his mom and dad (that passed away)
mom, VT red head "strawberry":

dad, HM/DT solid red metallic "chili pepper":

sorry he didn't look like that when he passed away his fins where healed:oops:

the last photo of chili pepper, sparta is somewhere in that nest :lol: this was the last spawn too
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thanks, but am worried about his size :lol: he should atleast be close or an inch with color
oh my gosh, he's so tiny!! I sure hope he survives! His daddy was a handsome boy.
thanks :) he is getting more active now, he is soo adorable :3
What a munchkin!! Best of luck getting him to grow!! Cute.
thanks am trying my best and been giving more water changes than everyone else
Maybe they gave birth to a little guppy by mistake. :p
LOL :p hopefully he grows more, should i do a log about sparta? anyways if anyone knows another way for this fry to grow faster it will be appreciated :)
He is soooooooo tiny!!!!!!!!!!!! Very adorable:)
thanks :) i just started the BBS so they could hatch soon
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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