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It was the humane thing to do. And I've been trying to prepare myself for it. I had to put him down. Waited for the clove oil to get here from online ordering. Put enough in was quick...prayerfully, it was also painless. He had a tumor for awhile now. I was trying my best to take care of him, but could no longer watch him waste away. He was eating normally and still was getting skinny. I'm still quite emotional about it. He's gone but not forgotten!!! I don't remember crying like this over any other fish. I got another fish and cleaned up all the aquarium stuff of his, while waiting for the oil. I new that I needed to do this in order to finalize the fact that I had to do it. I, also, knew it would help me to cope and to continue on with my life, remembering the good times with Jericho. He was my first Betta in a few years and helped to create my new obsession.
:BIGweepy:Jericho, you will be missed and remembered always!!!:sob:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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