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Goodbye Lily

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I had gotten Lily for last christmas as a gift from my mom, I had to move however and I have givven her back to my mother. Sadly she passed recently here are some pics goodbye old friend I'll miss you.

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She was beautiful! I'm sorry she died. :(
she was so pretty :( sorry you lost her, i couldn't imagine losing another right now
"things come and go
sometimes too quickly
sometimes to slow
and everyone misses someone
winds take away the loved one souls into another place
where they call it 'home'
and a wind of sadness gets blown
it will not be black and white forever
there is soon to be a sign of light
that will be very bright
something to finally take a end of your sorrow days
and takes away the frown on your face
days will be dark, days will be bright"

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She was so pretty, really sorry you lost her :(
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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