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Winter is coming..sort of...and I feel like I should start planning my betta barracks now. I hope my first spawn makes it that far and the ones I can't sell or re-home, I'm going to keep. However, even though I have a lot of space for it, there is a heating problem. Said lot of space is top floor of my house we now use as junk yard basically and it's super cold in the winter, to the point where I would not want to spent half an hour up there.

I don't own the place so there's not much I can do. Insulating from the inside seems silly as I don't how long will we be living here. No point in investing money in someone else's house.

So, I had this idea of setting up a green house up there.

Heating small space would be easier and cheaper, would not have to worry about humidity and bettas would have a proper temp.

On a flip side, small working area, looks stupid as hell and you can't exactly chill with a glass of red in front of your fish..

Any thoughts?

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