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Grrrrr, tail biting!

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I went home yesterday morning. My thought was, okay, it's Saturday, the boys always fast on Saturday, they should be fine. I even moved both bowls/habitats over by the window so they would have regular sunlight without having to leave the light on.
Again, I thought everything would be fine.....until I got back to my dorm and discovered how much of a little freaking stinker Dol is. He apparently decided to chew his beautiful tail to shreds in just slightly over 24 hours. :evil:
Has anyone else had an issue like this before? Grrrrr!
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tail biting isn't nothing new to better owners. :B i adopted a DTHM who was a nasty little fin biter. just keep his water clean, and rearrange his decor every time you change the water, and it should keep him from doing it again. :3 as for helping it grow back, it'll do that on it's own. don't need to add anything you don't normally add to the water.
it can be. i've learned to live with it, though. my two HM/Deltas dont' really do it anymore. Ichi does, but only when i leave him in his cup for too long. :B
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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