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Hey fish peeps,

Ima tell you a story about my little friend Prince.

About 3 months ago I saw a very sad cream Betta with a super long tail and pretty sparkles eyes. He was all clamped up in a half cup of filthy water. 3 fish had already died next to him and he was totally next...
Sooo yeh, he looked into my soul and i took him home.

Well Prince started getting better .. he started eating (3 days after I got him mind you) but all seemed to be going well.
He was always a dirty looking fish as his translucent body showed all his tail hemorrhages and discolored insides. I had a grand plan of getting him to be amazingly proud and beautiful with a full tail and no fin rot.. he was going great!

But then one morning I come down to turn in the tank lights and whhhhatttttttttt!!?? His literally missing 3/4 of his tail!!?? All I can say it was devastating .. he flared at me a few times and he had never done that before to me. I felt so taken back ..llike helping someone rehabilitate only to have them hit by a bus on the first outing.

I examined his tank for all the possibilities of how he may have got it caught, ripped or torn .. I had an aqua one internal filter in there so I took that apart looking for answers .. it’s all sponge in the main intake part and seemed very strange it would cause this damage.. any ways I upped my salt and added an extra almond leave to his tank and started again.


Now I thought I was doing well.. he had soooo much fin growth coming back he looked like a little punk and was owning his new haircut. He is heathy and happy so I was happy.
Anyways a month passed and I come down stairs yesterday morning to find

Face palm. Sad face. Face palm

I came on here and read more about fin nippers .. his definitely a fin nipper .. his got this little crazy look in his eye and I think his a little broken and disjointed in a way .. very sweet but just seems a little unhinged.

It’s sad he will never have the tail .. still haven’t seen a Betta with a tail fin as long as he once had .. does anyone know what breed fighter he is? I’d love to know!

I feel stupidly embarrassed to post pictures of him because he’s not very aesthetically pretty but his healthy and has a fish mom that gives him lots of attention and love.

If anyone has any Betta transformation pics of a colour change or sick to heathy I’d love to see em. x

The tail that was..

Him now


Thanks for taking the time to look at my grubby little boy. Xx


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Totally!! His such a cool little fish with a lot of spunk! I’m sure he would have rotted in that horrid cup if I didn’t come along. Feel like I let him down letting his tail get caught but it is rewarding to see him healthy and happy :)

His fave spot to watch me ...

Little re growth here ..
Little chomp there ..

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It’s sad he will never have the tail .. still haven’t seen a Betta with a tail fin as long as he once had .. does anyone know what breed fighter he is? I’d love to know!
He looks like either a Halfmoon or a delta.

I love the picture of him at his favorite spot. Too cute. Lol

You're definitely a great mom to have brought him back to "life". He looks great

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Thank you heaps 😌
Haha to see him with a inquisitive eye even tho his missing half his Ventral fins is very cute.
Oooooo yess I bet he is a Delta.!! ..his Caudal fin was like a wedding gown train before “the incident”.. Never got to see him flare it or show off but I recon it would be close to the pics I’m looking at of Deltas 😍👌🏼
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