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So, I felt it necessary to create a thread devoted entirely to our weird and colorful boys and girls rather than totally hijacking a different one.

So, um... Yeah, I've got nothing for a topic starter, really... Um.

Someone create a topic! Go!
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Ok here is today's guppy woe since I am obsessed with mine haha. Little Cobra is becoming a very picky eater. Last week I could crush up NLS for small fish and he would eat the powder like a champ. On Wednesday I got the great idea to buy frozen spirulina brine shrimp and give him tiny pieces. He has been eating it lke a CHAMP. He attacks it like a tiger shark even taking pieces bigger than his head and tearing into them lol. He has grown half a centimeter in just this past week. The problem? Now he won't eat the NLS. The only thing he will eat is the shrimp :/
lol, Yeah, I know the feeling. When I first got my boys, they were apparently fed on TetraColor flakes. I got them Crisps of the same brand. It'd go nibble, nom, spit. It got to the point where they refused to eat that they were starting to nip each others fins. Got my boyfriend to go to back to where we got them and got the same food they were being fed, that they were used to. So they finally started eating again. I thought that if they got hungry enough they would eat the crisps, even crushed but nope. I have to say I don't really know what to do to make them go back to what they should. I got a tuna thingie from WalMart, Tank Nibblers, and they go after it in a frenzy when I stick it to the tank but they eat it and the flakes both though I have seen warning signs of them not liking the flakes - spitting them back out.

Food is such a picky thing :(
rarghhh! why must they be so picky? Do you think it would hurt Little Cobra (my fry) if he only eats spirulina brine shrimp and algae? (he follows the snail around copying him eating algae haha)
I would say when he gets hungry he'll eat. I don't think they're quite dumb enough to allow themselves to literally starve. I know they're not bright most of the time, but...

Just beware when they get older. I think I might have a gay guppy, not that I'm overly concerned. I just see Sun, my creamsicle-colored one, displaying fairly often for our pink/purple one. I think I need to get some ladies at some point soon here. At least for them to display over.
listen you've just gotta accept your guppies' lifestyles lol
support the gay guppy community!
Little Cobra

Here is Little Cobra. He's really coming along!


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Heee. When I get a chance to I'll post the link to my dropbox album with everyone.
yes please! I really really really really want to see!
listen you've just gotta accept your guppies' lifestyles lol
support the gay guppy community!
lol, Absolutely!! Caridinal and Sun both tend to display for my poor pink guy.

GGLA! That's what we'll be! Gay Guppy Lovers Association!

And I'll post the link with the guppies when I figure out where Dropbox on my phone sent the pictures :(
we just had one of our girls drop a litter, babies all over the place, and of course, the camera's dead. lol

Ours aren't picky eaters at all, we just offer tons of variety. They like Omega One betta flakes, egg yolk and earthworm flakes (from a friend), tropical flakes, bloodworms, spirulina, Nori, "sea lettuce", and Mike's arm when he does maintenance on that tank. ;-)
Ooh, will be a hard fight between me and my boys for egg yolks, hah, but I will definitely keep this in mind. Fully cooked or about 80-90%?
Today I got little cobra to eat a combo of crushed nls pellets and omega one betta buffet pellets. It made me happy to see his little belly round from something other than shrimp. My bettas have been quite happy with me having a baby guppy since its lead to them getting a couple shrimp at dinner time. Sesshomaru has actually started to attack my finger everytime I put it in the water because he thinks I have shrimp stuck to me haha
Ooh, will be a hard fight between me and my boys for egg yolks, hah, but I will definitely keep this in mind. Fully cooked or about 80-90%?
I think fully cooked, these are flakes, I'm not sure if my friend makes them herself or not. But it IS suggested food for fry. You hard boil the egg and pulverize it somehow.
Picture for you!
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Here we go. A link to the entire dropbox folder with images of Honey and the boys :D

Moon is a blue, but he's always just stressed enough that he appears black :( So sad... he's really such a pretty blue color. At night, when it's dimmer/darker he seems to relax a bit more for some reason. I don't quite get this one. And Pink has this reeeallly pretty violet color that comes up on his sides and tail when he de-stresses, but he's hounded enough that he stays pink... Boys! Leave the poor guy be! I don't care if I'm part of GGLA or not >: | I will find you some ladies (eventually).
:D :D :D I love seeing the pics!!! I can't wait until Little Cobra grows up and I can have a school of guppies of my own. I love how colorful they are! Their faces aren't as cute as a Betta's face though....
What were those snakey things zooming around the tank?!
Those are my rabbits :3 If they ever leave the heater I'll get some videos of them! :D
Chevko, seeing your setup, more vertical plants will help your harassed boys out. Guppies like a ton of plants... like ridiculous amounts. We cheated by buying them fake plants, but it really made a difference!

(^there's 4-5 real plants in there, if you don't count the duckweed)
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