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Half decent picture of Fiona!

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She is the spade tail, however you cannot tell LOL. Her fin is growing back so nicely though, and she's a purty color :3 She the longest finned female I have. I just love her coloring!!

I got her from Petsmart a while ago... She was the plan blah girl, except when I held her up to the light she had a glint of green! Plus, she had the prettiest caudal I've seen <3 a lovely full spade.
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she is beautiful, lucky!!! XP *WANTS* she looks like a gas, but idk
Maybe? lol. All I know is she is purty :3 and she's all mine!!! :p
:lol: BECAUSE SHE'S ALL MINE!!!! xD Same with my massive boy Georgie :p Aaaaaall mine hehe :3

Pfft maybe next time be my neighbor xD
Love her!!! She looks like MG to me.
Love her!!! She looks like MG to me.

Mustard Gas? I've never had one =D
:lol: BECAUSE SHE'S ALL MINE!!!! xD Same with my massive boy Georgie :p Aaaaaall mine hehe :3

Pfft maybe next time be my neighbor xD

Lol, i don't live in canada :lol:
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I know :lol: another reason why I won't share :p

That and I was an only child, what do you expect? xDD
am only 14 :p i could see she has breeding bars too ;p
Ohhhh yeah. She is one of the really submissive ones. And she gets super eggy... She'll pass half a pea sized white poo from absorbing the unused eggs! Meghan is a pretty good breeder too, which is nice. I just wish they were something other than VT xD But I still love them
am still pulling things together XD but i have my pairs, and spawns ;-)
That's good!! I am deciding to rehome my oscar lol. He is SO messy, even in an 80 gallon!! :roll: if I do, I may use that tank to divide and have males in there, or make it into a community tank with my female bettas lol.
possibly :) am not much of a oscar lover though ;p nor chiclids
Well I like him and all... Just GEESH is he messier than GOLDFISH xDD I siphoned half the bottom, and it was black x.x yuck!!
lol XD messy fish, some of my betta's make there tank more smelly than other's like Phantom and Lacey
My female's tank is usually dirty. But, I may move them all (the numbers depleted for the sorority, as some females are loners now) to a 20 again :) That 40 gallon has a bar in the middle making it hard to clean because you have to re-start the stupid siphon! :lol: Meghan, Lala and Fiona aren't going into the sorority. Savannah will rejoin, though. :)
are they aggressive? i wish i could do a sorority, i already have 4 females. but my mom doesn't want me to because they catch diseases that way -.- it's a long story
Yes and no... Some females will be super aggressive. Fiona was a part of the battle-for-alpha they did, but she backed out once her tail was torn!! Savannah, Saharah, and two others were the meanest lol. Poor Rose died from damaged organs! :roll: But I've had my original sorority in will platys, danios, tetras... No problem. But yes, diseases spread faster...

to avoid diseases: 1. quarantine all for 2 weeks before adding. 2. cycle the tank. 3. keep up with water changes. 4. stuff the tank full of plants to avoid stress.
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