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Happier in a smaller tank. Who knew?

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OMG is Lir driving me crazy! He was originally in an unfiltered 3 gallon. He was an impulse purchase and had serious SBD. Once he healed from that, we began the tail biting issue. He gnawed on his tail. WE got him into a 2.5 filtered tank. He gnawed on his tail. I put him in a divided, filtered 10 gallon. The tail chomping really began. He had nearly totally gnawed off his back fin. I'd been wanting to try a planted tank, so we took the 2.5 gallon, planted it with some plants I had, baffled the heck out of the filter, and plopped him back into it. And, worried. Because he was suddenly not so active.
I'm beginning to think he is actually not all that active a fish naturally. He is a very awkward swimmer and does not swim at all like my other 4 fish. Today, I actually saw the beginnings of clear regrowth on the very tips of his fins. And it's only been 2 days!
I think he is happier in the 2.5 gallon tank. He doesn't look stressed, and he hasn't chomped on his tail in 2 whole days (this has never happened in the entire 3 months he's been with us)
I'm ordering more plants to add to his tank, and to redo the 10 gallon as a planted tank, and possibly add some plants to the 29 gallon in little pots until I get around to redoing that as a planted.
So I guess, some bettas really do prefer smaller tanks. Who knew?
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i have heard of stuff like that before. i suppose bettas are like people, some want huge houses and others like smaller houses. he might have been too nervous in the bigger tanks but feels more comfortable in the smaller one because its smaller and has lots of hiding places from the plants.
Pluto likes bigger tanks, like my 5 gal. But Meep likes (and don't yell at me) a 1 gal she hates the 2.5 gal. And Pluto hates the smaller ones
I have a betta in one of my 125 gallon tanks. Used to be in a 5. It does laps around the tank, with and against the 975 GPH of filtration.
OMG jaysee, i think poor Lir would die in a 125 gallon! I have a couple other bettas though that would probably love it. :)
DashingArabian, it's nice to know that Lir isn't alone is his love of smaller tanks. I personally think it is because swimming is so hard for him.
Yeah it was quite a shock at first, I'm sure!
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