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Hi guys,

I have two separate concerns: reducing water hardness options and whether it is necessary; and Java Fern nitrogen/ manganese deficiency. Any advice would be appreciated.

My goal is to determine if the API pillow water softener is worth it and how much NilocG Thrive C to dose.

1. Thoughts on pillow softner? Does that 'recharge' really work?
2. Would it just be easier to set out a bucket of water with Prime and let it sit overnight before the PWC?
3. How much ThriveC to dose for 20-30% PWC in a 5 gal tank?
4. My other plants are green except the Lace Leaf Java.

Here are my stats:
GH: 224 ppm
KH: 173 ppm

Ammonia: 0
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: 20-30 ppm
High range pH: 7.8 or 8.0

Additional Info: IAL; Fluval Plant and (I Have No Shrimp)) Stratum lol. There have been when I'd turn on the bathroom faucet and the water stinks so bad. TMI.

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Following on this... I have no idea about either, but our water is basically liquid rock. The TDS is almost 700 :| I have been mixing with RO water, but seeing as there is a product that helps take down the hardness interests me!
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