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I have a recently vacated 40 gallon tropical vivarium that I'd like to turn into a paludarium and I was wondering if anyone here had tried this before and what advice you have.
Ideally, I'd like my above ground plants to be carnivorous, I have a handful of sarracenia on hand as well as one pinguicula and a large nepenthes. I also have a few small orchids and an epiphytic fern.

I'd like to set up a slate waterfall in the corner to keep everything circulating and to be a focal point..
For the aquarium, I've got Utricularia Graminifolia, a few bucephalandra, 2 nymphaea (they're very new, only 2 leaves each) , Java moss, ludwigias, an anubias, a cryptocorne, some anacharis, a java fern & an aponogeton madagascariensis var. madagascariensis.
I don't currently use a CO2 injector but I've been adding flourish. Any opinions from people with C02 injectors?

Anyways, I'd love to hear what you folks have done, unexpected challenges and advice.

The animal creatures currently moving in are primarily ghost shrimp, 1 lady betta, a baby albino bristlenose pleco, and a couple of blue velvet shrimp. They're currently sharing a 10 gallon tank so I'm hoping to get this up and running before that pleco grows.

And last thought, I have a bunch of driftwood that my water dragon had lived and pooped all over for 15+ years, is there a good way to sanitize it so I can use it or are zoonotic diseases between reptiles and fish uncommon enough for it to not matter?
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