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Having some swim bladder/constipation issues.

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Hey peoples.

So the other day I noticed Norman floating around on the surface and tilting to the side. Quite odd for a fish, so I looked it up, discovered it could be a swim bladder thing or constipation. So we fasted him for a day. He was so much better, swimming like normal, hanging out at the bottom, doing his thing. We had been feeding him three pellets twice a day but I've now decided that was too much and was going to drop it down to two twice a day. Anyways, I fed him two pellets this morning since he was better, and now a few hours later he's stuck at the top again.

My question is since we have been feeding him so much for about a month now, would it be ok to fast him again for maybe two, three days? (read that on another site). That seemed to fix it until I fed him again. I know there is a treatment with some sort of salt, but I didn't want to buy that yet if I might not need it.

Also: peas. I've read a lot of things about giving them a thawed frozen pea that had been briefly cooked in tank water and skinned and quartered to help with constipation. I've also seen a lot of people on here hate the idea of peas. So my last question: to pea or not to pea?
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Not to pea :3

What brand of pellet are you feeding? The quality and amount can make a huge difference.
Aqueon is one of the better alright foods... if you're willing, I'd run out and get either Omega One pellets (at Petsmart) or New Life Spectrum (co), for this fish I would gently suggest the NLS pellets, they make a small fish formula, the pellets are TEENY, and you could possibly spread his feeding out over the day to keep him from getting pressure on his swim bladder. Like 1 at 7, 7:30, and 8. Then another at 5, 5:30, 6, 6:30 and 7. Or something along those lines.
I would feed him about 4 a day, just spread it out as much as you can! Good luck!
Oh it's absolutely a swim bladder thing. What I assume is happening, is the food gets in there and presses up on his bladder, making him float/sink. Thus trying to minimize the amount of food in his stomach while maximizing food intake...
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