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Heater and Filter Dilemma

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Hi folks,

I recently bought an Aqeon 1 Gallon MiniBowl for my betta, as the aquarium store advised that a filtered tank would help my fish (it does!) this new tank has brought about two questions for me.

1. Do I need to turn the light off inthe tank at night? With the small heater I had in the previous tank AND the light in the hood for the Aqueon tank, the water is at about 82 degrees. With the heater only, it drops to 80 degrees. I'm worried about upsetting any circadian rhythms she has, but also don't want to chill her.

2. The filter seems awfully strong for a small tank. (I was also advised to leave the filter off while she was on antibiotics.) she's done with the meds now, and seems to hate it when the filter is on, hiding in a lower corner that doesn't get the strong stream of water. Any suggestions?
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With a heater you can turn off light at night. I do with mine but they never get to 82.i think it is like in the wild. It goes down a degree or two at night and then warms up during the day. It does it gradually so I think it is OK. Mine have been fine like this. You can't leave the light on all night, they need dark to sleep as they have no eyelids and also you will grow more algae. Or you can get a heater that doesn't change when light is off. I think 82 is a little warm for them too, I think they prefer around 80 unless medicating then up to 82.mine are about 78 - 80.a which I see is where most recommend.
I have the 2.5 gallon minibows and the filters suck on them. They are not very efficient and can be too strong.. You can either baffle the outflow on the one you have. There are directions on the site somewhere about homemade filter baffles. Or get a small sponge filter, which is what Iddid and the bettas prefer this much better as they are current and fin friendly. It might be hard to fitone in a 1 gallon but look on Amazon for small sponge filters. They run with a air hose and air pump and you can get a back flow valve to prevent back flow of water from tank and a valve for control of air to filter, this controls how much air goes through and how strong the bubbles on top are.

These are my two sense I hope it helps out. Others may say otherwise.
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+1 Cerulean

Here is a link to the smallest sponge filter I know of:
The photo doesn't show how tiny this really is. If you look in my photos (under my profile) you can see how it fit in my 2.5 gallon tank. Cut that tank in half, and this filter would still fit. (But don't add the extra black sponge on top like I did. It did not help the filter at all.)

I had the same problem with a little preset heater getting the water too warm when I had the hood lights turned on. I could leave the heater plugged in OR run the lights, but not both together. If you'd like a small adjustable heater, they are more stable and therefore easier on your fish. I had the Hydor Theo 25 watt in my 2.5 gallon (again, see pics if interested). It fit in there nicely. I haven't found another brand with a shorter adjustable heater in my limited experience.
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Thx Jessie, I have also heard really good things about the hydor theo adjustable heaters and if you do upgrade to a bigger tank later it will still work .bonus. The filter Jessie flagged looks good and there is also a tiny corner sponge filter on amazon if you keep looking through the bottom suggestions (swiping through the things other people bought) on the page he flagged on amazon, there is another small one that might also work as it has flat sides that fit into the corner, saving room.
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