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Hello All

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Hi all!
Been keeping bettas for about a year now but have been fish keeping for close to 20 years mostly goldfish and koi.
Ive finally found my successful niech in the Walsetd method after years of failes planted tanks.
I have a 36 gal bowfront, home to my 8 year old subunkin comet. Hes getting his 400 gal pond renovated this spring.
The 36 gal will become a Walsted tank for Blue spottes sunfish, darters and a undecided native schooling fish this summer.
My Fluval spec 3 is home to my Golden Boy. I have only had him a month and just lost him today.
I love plants, am a artist and am happy to add BettaFish to the list of fish forum i am a part of!
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Welcome to the forum, @PlentyCoup! Sorry to hear you lost your fish! I am looking forward to seeing your tanks though!
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