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Hello All

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Good morning everyone. I'm Captain Jim Dandy-- a new member and betta keeper. I have three males and two females in each of their own ten gallon aquariums.I joined your very helpful and lifesaving forum{thanks for accepting me} because my first fish--a pretty red delta started tailbiting. I thought I had let him get rot.I read and enjoy this page about half my free time. I have been trying to get pics to you but am new and ignorant on computer. I am 59 years old-- Like to hunt and fish and nature in general.Can't buy from you guys til 100 posts so I'll be filling up on information for awhile. Peace and good current. CJD
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Yes it's hard being out of the technical loop but I'm trying to pick it up. I have a decent{Kodak C-330} camera a UBS cable, I'm on Kodakshare and photobucket-- Have been able to load photos to catalog That's as far as I can get. Where I grew up-Johnstown, Pa. we asked the operater to connect whether local or long distance.
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