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Hello and thank you! New, kinda failing, just have to laugh

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I have a new betta named Gretta. my niece named him. :) He was gifted to me since I’m alone and mostly homebound with disabilities and have been lonely.
I’m glad to find this group. I’ve needed encouragement. I’m doing the best I can and some places I look for advice can leave me feeling judged and like I’m abusing my fish. There so much I didn’t know as a chid when I kept my goldfish Deana alive for 17 years. Thanks to people here for making fish keeping feel more manageable..and enjoyable.
Besides an almost cycled tank leaking, the next one arriving broken, moving from one temporary tank to another placed in the bathroom by the heater vent, having my heat up to the point of my discomfort (it got him up to 75), and now the heater I dared use in a plastic tank not shutting off, this has been fun. 😂
I love how much personality he has, I wasn’t expecting that. He greets me every morning, it’s been a long time since I saw another face daily. I feel like I’m failing him but I don’t know if I’d find someone to take him that would be as invested, I’ll get there eventually I think. I started out exhausted and I finally had to laugh that a tiny fish could take a toll on my mental and physical health. I’m looking to the lighter side of things. I love seeing what others have done and hope to get the hang of it.
I struggle to get out due to disabilities so the next 5 gallon tank will be when I get out in person to be sure it isn’t broken. I’ll have to cycle with him in it, which I feel more I confident about from the stickie here. Water changes are one thing I’m actually good at.
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Hello and welcome to the forum!

Gretta is a beautiful baby!!

We all make mistakes in the beginning, it's part of learning! And though we can't change the past, we can change how much we know and what we do in the future :)

I'm sorry about all your tank difficulties as well! I do hope you're able to find the one you're looking for.

I'm glad your enjoying Gretta too. How long have you had him?
It's amazing how something so little becomes such a big part of our lives. And Bettas are such fun little creatures!

You're welcome, at any time, to ask any questions you may have as well, everyone here is happy to help!

And, Gretta sounds like he's going to be a spoiled little guy, and you sound like a very caring Betta parent! Welcome again, to the both of you!
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