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Hello Betta Edithae!

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After seeing that a local breeder had some imbellis available, I decided to convert 2 tanks to blackwater set ups! While visiting the LFS for some additional wood & botanicals, I noticed that they had a pair of Betta edithae. I went home and researched and a couple of days later, I decided to tank them home— the one I believe to be female was so wiggly and I just couldn’t resist her

The employee cautioned that it may be a couple of weeks before I see them but probably within 30 minutes to an hour of them being released into the tank after acclimating, they were out and swimming together. They have been so charming and while they aren’t as flashy as other species, I’m loving how inquisitive they are, as well as the way they patrol together.

Here they are:
Water Plant Vegetation Terrestrial plant Fish supply

Plant Vertebrate Green Organism Terrestrial plant

Water Botany Plant Organism Vegetation

(Sorry about the reflection, this tank is a little hard to get good photos of).

Aaaaand now I’m wondering if I should go ahead and get the male imbellis or if I should wait and see what other species the LFS gets in 🤔 I know this part of the forum isn’t very active but maybe I can help revitalize it, lol. There are so many interesting betta species and complexes out there!
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they're so cute! its so cool that your lfs has a variety of betta, the ones by me sell mostly salt water 😭 btw how do you sex the edithae? Splendens have their lil egg spot but these 2 look identical to me 😂
Thank you! They also had a couple of other wild bettas but these were the only pair, that is a shame about your LFS. The male should get a little more iridescence and color than the female but the one I believe to be female has adjusted more easily so she's more stripes than him right now. I'm mostly going off of body and head size-- the male is larger overall & has a bigger mouth and head (mouth brooding species)... I'm really hoping that I got the sexing right and that the one I think is female isn't actually a young immature male or something like that, lol.
Water Fin Organism Underwater Fish

I managed to get a decent photo of one of them today! I think I have a mature female and young male but I’m not positive. They’ve been upgraded to a 20 gallon long, finally. Overall, they’ve been doing really well!
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