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My name is Jessie and I LOVE betta fish! About a millennia ago I used to take the sick betta fish from a pet store, nurse them back to health, and adopt them out. My proudest fishy moment was when I heard that "Pearl," the little female betta I spent months working with, made it all the way through the mail to her new forever home! The only problem was that I kind of broke the bank buying meds and tanks, etc. for rehabbing, so I had to take a break from fish for a while.

Now I'm ready to adopt a new betta fish! I'll be checking places like Petco today after work to see if there are any sickies, but I'd be very interested in adoption if someone has a fish that needs a home! :grin2:

It's great to be here and I'm looking forward to talking with you all in this forum!

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