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Hello, I'm Kuro, a 22 year old college student majoring in linguistics and fine art in New York :) I've been keeping an aquarium for a good few years, started with a five gallon and now have a 10 XP I've always had a betta except for a short few months, but recently got Ranmaru.

I went to petsmart just the other day looking for pygmy cory cats (mine does not carry them). I recently lost my old betta of almost 5 years and didn't intend to get another but then I saw this little guy hiding in the corner of one of the tank which was full of mollies almost 3 times his size (points at user pic ) . He seemed spooked and was flitting about nervously as far from the mollies as he could get, he ended up coming home with me.

He's a little over an inch long, that includes his fins. I suspect with his size he may be juvenile or a very young adult yet. He'll likely be living with a small school of white clouds and a clown pleco once he's done in quarantine.

He's just big enough to eat the pellet food I have (Hikari betta) I've been supplementing it with blood worms and brine shrimp here and there. I have named him Ranmaru, for he is only going to get prettier :] I get ridiculousy attached to my bettas.
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