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Hello :)
I live in Queensland, Australia and am a stay at home mum of two wonderful kids. I got into the fishkeeping hobby seriously about a year ago. I currently have 9 tanks. 6 tropical and 3 cool water.
In recent years I've found myself 'addicted' to bettas. I love their personallities and color. I have just purchased my fifth Betta, a blue and white crowntail male who has a new home in an 8g riparium. I have a plakat male in a 17g community, a 10g with harlequin rasboras and a yellow vailtail, a 7g with an orange vailtail male and an 8g with a blue, purple and white crowntail and glass shrimp.
Looking forward to sharing knowlege and learning more about one of my favorite fish!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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