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Hello from Vancouver, Canada!

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Hi everyone!

I'm quite new to the hobby, got my first betta fish (a pink Veil Tail named Siegfried) on boxing day of 2009. He's still alive and well! I got a second betta fish this March (blue Crown Tail named Monty).

I decided to save up some money for an aquarium for Monty and ended up purchasing a 26 gallon tank. It is filtered, heated and planted. It also has 3 decorations for hiding spots as well as a floating "betta log". I cycled the tank and was so amazed at the difference in his behaviour once he was finally introduced to his new home! He explored every nook and cranny and zoomed around. So satisfying to see! :-D

I decided to take this hobby more seriously in the past few weeks. Leading up to buying my aquarium I did as much research as I possibly could and so far am happy with the results. Most of the clearest answers to my questions were found on this site and I appreciated the info a ton!!!

Monty has been in his cycled aquarium for about a week so I decided to purchase some tankmates for him. I took him out, did a 20% water change, rearranged the decorations and slowly introduced 6 Neon Tetras and 2 Otocinclus Catfish. Then I put Monty back in afterwards (having heard that bettas can be territorial if other fish are introduced after the betta has established the tank as "theirs"). So far, things are a little tense :-( He's been following the tetras around but has been outright chasing the otos whenever he comes across one of them! Luckily the otos are much faster than my betta and don't seem too stressed, they just swim away and land on another leaf then continue their grazing. Going to be keeping a close eye on the dynamics for the next while, that's for sure!!!

Apologies about the length of this post... :oops:

I'd like to get some more neon tetras since they're quite beautiful and 6 seems like a small number for a 26 gallon tank that only houses 3 other occupants. Not too sure what the stock maximum would be but will of course be monitoring things and not adding too many fish too soon (I HOPE!).

If anyone has any comments or suggestions about anything written in this post feel free to comment. As I said I'm very new to the hobby and despite endless hours of internet research, still very ignorant :p

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Not really a question I can answer as it is not my area keeping Bettas and their tank mates.

Would like to say though Welcome to the forums, someone will answer your question. :)
the otos need to be in a group as well. 8 neons are alright, 10 being better. a couple more otos should be good. That would be alright for the tank you have, but as you said the betta chases the others around... I've had bettas who are very mean and dare if they catch what they are chasing, those fish won't have a chance! Add some more plants... fake soft plastic plants, silk plants, fabric plants, real plants :) this'll help everyone to get along!

and welcome to the forums!!
I'd continue watching things for a while. Maybe Monty will calm down once he satisfies his curiosity. If things work out, you could definitely add six more neons. Just avoid the quick fin nipping fish. The profiles provided in this site are a great source of information. For what it's worth, my experience has been that the betta is the more vulnerable fish in a community tank situation.
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Thanks Everyone!

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*oops! accidentally sent an empty reply... sorry!*

Hi all,

Thank you SO much for the quick responses!

Took a look this morning and saw that the 6 neon tetras are still fine but only caught a glimpse of 1 oto. I think the other one is probably just hiding at the moment. Time for me to get ready for work but perhaps tomorrow I'll go to the LFS to pick up some more plants :)

I guess I should wait about a week or so for the beneficial bacteria to build up/adjust to the new bioload before getting some more otos and neons?

I discovered late last night that I have 2 snails that must've hitched a ride on one of the plants I bought! I will definitely be posting pics soon since I have no idea what species they are and have heard that some multiply very quickly and others will eat my live plants.

Thanks again for the replies and for making a newbie like myself feel welcome!
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I should warn my cory did the vanishing act, fouled the water and my femlae got dropsy as a case of bad water quality :roll: definitely add more otos so they'll be more secure xD That' why I do not have otos or corys anymore.
Welcome to the forum and to the wonderful world of Betta keeping....

Look forward to hearing more about your Betta keeping adventures and seeing pics.....

Enjoy your stay....

Be sure and post questions in the proper section for best response.
Hi and welcome to the forum! I'm a big betta lover and I'm also from Vancouver.
Vancouver is fun to say!
Welcome to the Forum , hope all goes well! we would all love to see pictures of all your fishies! If you need advice, don't ask me.... please.... i'm no good at keeping fish suprised my 6 bettas are doing so well lol.
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