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Hello from Winnipeg

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I guess I should have posted here first to intorduce myself. I am new to the Betta world and already have learned so much from the posts I have read. I recently got this Betta and have set him up in my office at work. Nice to have some company. Lok forward to meeting some of you and learning even more.


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Great looking guy! And welcome to the forum!
Great looking little guy you have there! Welcome to the forum! :)
Your betta is beautiful!

Welcome to the forum!
Thanks everyone, I just hope he hangs on. I still can't get him to eat. He just sits in the corner, goes up to the surface every 5 minutes or so and then back to the corner. Ever since I got him last week he has been very non active. I just hope he turns around soon.
Sometimes bettas don't like certain kinds of pellets.
I have 4 different kinds of betta foods to feed all my picky eaters.

Do you have a heater? Maybe even a filter? Sometimes even just a little bit of water agitation can get your betta up and swimming more. A heater is fairly necessary. It will keep your tropical buddy warm and he won't be so lethargic.

If he is still really new, he may just be getting used to his environment still too.
Thanks I will try a different pellet. I have a 2 gallon tank, no filter and I have a heater but the water is only 74-76 degrees. Should it be warmer? It is a heater that basis it heat on the room temperature and is not adjustable. If it should be warmer then I will get an adjustable one.

Thanks for all youe help.
78 degrees is preferred for bettas.
Make sure the filter isn't too strong for him. I have a male, Caspian, in a 2 gallon tank with a filter and he likes to hang around by it. Maybe turn the filter off for a little bit and see if he becomes a little more active.
Pretty Mustard Gas! Welcome!
Welcome to the forum and to the wonderful world of Betta keeping......

Look forward to hearing more about your Betta adventures and seeing more pic.....

Enjoy your stay......
Bad news, i found him passed this morning. I am not sure what it was but the water tested fine, he just didn't eat since I got him. Hopefully will be getting another soon.:-(
Hello from a fellow new member! Im so sorry to hear abojut your pretty fish! Sometimes they just never completely get over all the stress of being shipped & then moved into their new home. That's really too bad :<

In considerably less sad news, my best friend actually lives in Winnipeg too. Also, you guys have my hockey team now :p
Oh welcome! I notice you are from Winnipeg, and though I am from the states I am a die-hard hockey fan. Therefore, I named my Female Cambodian VT Winnipeg in honor of the Jets. Go Jets go!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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