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I'm Pinkcupid765! I got my first betta at the beginning of the school year and now i have 4 more... What happened?? Haha. I'm 13 and an animal lover or as my friends would call it, "Obsessed". My animals are furry, feathered, and finned! I have alot but only 5 are truly mine! Now, I'll ramble a bit about them! :D

Lolly~ My feathered friend! She's a Black-headed Caique! She's only 3 months old sooo she can't fly yet. Even though she can't fly she flutters/hops over to me :D I got her from Pet-o-rama, where the animals over over-priced and sick. And sick she was ;( She still sneezes to this day. She loves it when i sing and scratch under her beak!

Dancer~ My first betta! When i had just gotten him, he was in a vase... (I know, i know save the BLAHS for later ;) ) He was TINY when i got him. He's at least gone through 4 tanks. He's really, picky, lazy and fat.

Eclipse~ I saw him at Petsmart and thought he was the cutest thing. He'd been there for 2 monthes and i decided that he needed a home. He's a opaque, spade-tail plakat with a bit of red and pastel. He's REALLY hyper and fast. I literally sat there for 20 minutes and watched him dart back and forth one day.

Skylar~ So one day i decided i wanted another betta so i went to Petsmart and saw a beautiful orange betta there, then next to him I saw a little white betta with a little splash of sky blue. I felt really bad for him. So i took him home and 3-4 monthes later.... WOAH! He's a HUGE Turquoise full masked halfmoon with some white and red streaks. o_O In the beginning my parents said that he wasnt pretty at all. Then BAM! Never again will they doubt my judgement...

Emiko: So i had been reading about rescue bettas and i decided that i wanted to rescue one too! So again i took a trip to Petsmart and saw a TINY ( Tiny, as in the baby bettas they now sell at Petco tiny) halfmoon. Well, he was Supposed to be a halfmoon but all his fins had rotted so much that you couldn't tell. He was on his side at the bottom of his cup. There was fuzzy MOLD floating around with him. I was really angry by then. My friend had come with me btw. I went up to a petsmart employee and said that i was interested in one of the bettas and she came and took a look. Well after a good minute of me explaining how this was wrong i started to yell at her ( My friend was in the next isle over laughing her butt off, while my parents where pretending they didn't know me. So after a while i got him for 3$ instead of 12$ (I know, I'm amazing at endings!)

Haruhatsu (Haru)~ I just got him 12/13/11. I really wanted a betta from aquabid a decided to get one for my bday. Well i ordered a gorgeous, black, red and white halfmoon from xmanbettas. Well he just got here and... he's def not the same fish. The fish he sent me has a red face instead of black, he has BLUE in him, and he's a delta tail... :( I did NOT pay 82$ for a knock off!

Cookies to you if you read all that :D

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Hello pinkcupid :wave:

I'm curious about your Aquabid betta. Did you contact the seller about it? For that money I would expect the same fish that I bid on.

Oh and I'm ready for my cookie :)
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