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My name is Shosho and I'm new here! In the past I've bred with betta's, but then I was too busy with school so I had to sell everything. Now I'm following an animal-related study, and as soon as my parents gave permission I bought a new aquarium. Though I have various other fish, betta's will always be my main!

My username is based on my current male bi-color (blue/red) named Ishmael.
I started off with two crowntail females and one veiltail female + Ishmael (HM) and by now I have beside Ishmael a black crowntail and 3 new other crowntail females. I'm still trying to teach myself on colouring and tail types, so I'm not sure which type of black he is.

Ishmael and the veiltail female have a nest of babies born on the night of Sunday to Monday. The CT male is currently with a blue CT female in his tank.

Even though I've bred with betta's before and know a bit about it, I'm still trying to teach myself a lot more about them so any info or advice is welcome!
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