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Hello everyone :)

My name's Grace and I'm a first time fish owner. I got my little Leo yesterday, he's a crowntail betta

I'm a little worried because he hasn't eaten anything yet, I got the pellets for him, but I also read they may not eat for at least the first week?
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Hello and welcome! Yeah he's probably stressed from being put in a new tank so it might take a while for him to eat. What brand are your pellets? Is your tank heated?
Also, if you filled the tank with tap water did you make sure to add decholrinator/water conditioner?
I got the TetraBetta floating mini pellets and it is not heated. My roommate and I keep the temp between 75-80 degrees so I wasn't sure if I needed one. I'm also waiting for some money to come in so I can get some other things for him, like maybe a heater, if needed, and possibly a bigger tank, as I have him in a 1.5 gal right now cus I read bettas should be in at least a gallon, but most people here seem to advise bigger, though as I am in a dorm I can't get too huge of one..

I filled the tank with purified water but I also ended up putting in water conditioner as well, just to make sure.
Ok you are doing good, it's probably just that he's a bit stressed from being moved into his new tank. I haven't tried that fish food, but members on this forum recommend New Life Spectrum or Omega One pellets. I don't think you need a heater for now. My room is the same way, so I keep my tank unheated and my betta is fine. A tank of minimum 2.5 gallons is recommended for bettas, but until you can get a bigger tank he will be fine. Just make sure to keep up with water changes. :)
If he isn't eating the pellets I have by the end of the week I'll try and buy one of the other brands, or maybe bloodworms?

Once I get the money I'll definitely get him a bigger tank and I'll be sure to keep up with water changes :)
Sounds good. I hope he calms down and eats. Bettas do love bloodworms a a a treat!
I hope he does too. Thanks so much for your help! ^-^
He's still isn't eating but he's pretty active and I've seen him flare a few times, so I think other than not eating he seems alright.
O my gosh, is he really black/dark gray? I love black bettas, but haven't gotten a chance to get one yet. He is very pretty.
Also, where did yo get the little rock hide outs, ( I love them ) XD
His head is black and the rest of him is dark blue, he does look more dark grey in the picture but that's shortly after I got him so his color wasn't so vibrant. I got the rock hide outs at Walmart, he loves them haha
Sweet! Thanks.
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