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Hey everyone! I have two Betta fish right now, a koi plakat male and a marbled veil tail male. I've had my koi plakat for around a year now and I've noticed that he is no longer koi. He used to have these beautiful vibrant blacks and reds but now he is all dull red. I don't know if he is sick or if I'm doing something wrong. He is still really active but he won't flare anymore. Does anyone have any advice?


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Hello, welcome to the forum.

Koi is marble based - meaning its color or pattern may change. So it's normal for your koi to change to red.

Dull can be caused by the type of red (genetically). It can also be caused by less than ideal water. I'm sorry, but your boy doesn't look 100% healthy. His fins suggest he is either recovering from a disease or is unhealthy (compare pictures before and after).

Maybe stressed ? That could be the reason for the color change
Hi, can you please fill out the form found at this link ? It will help us offer the best advice we can.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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