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Hi, unsure if this is Us forum but im Jason from Durham Uk
Bought my betta male on monday
flared at me for the first time today and then came to the top of the tank begging ,didnt touch my finger but was extremely close while feeding
originally bought for granddaughters when they visit but im smitten
currently in a 5 gallon .. have a 105l coming next wednesday but was planning on setting up the tank and maybe moving him in maybe a week or 2 so new filter can cycle i think the term is
hoping to add companions at some point (not Betta) but any advice appreciated
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Grandaugter named him marshmallow. Not sure of the logic behind it shes 5 but. I believe hes a veiltail . Very active day and night .unsure if this is him just settling in or not, as read they sleep nights and nap in the day . Seems happy to explore the whole tank and eats the pellets with minimal waste so assuming hes doing ok
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