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Hey there,

I'm new to the world of betta fish. My boyfriend and I were checking out the local markets on the weekend and, on impulse, bought a beautiful little blue veil tail. The guy selling him told us that we only needed a little vase or similar...
We got Bubbles home and I did a bit of research....and eeep, our poor angel is in a Betta slum! We currently have him in a bowl of about 4 ltrs. We have just bought him a 60cm x 38 x 30 and I'm doing some research on how to set it up to best suit him. We are in Queensland, Aus, so atleast he's shouldn't getting too frightfully cold in the meantime.
If anyone has any advice on how to set up the tank in the most simple manner I would appreciate it! The whole nitrogen cycle details etc just leaves me cold!
I went to a couple petshops to get some advice and they weren't particularly helpful... One even tried to sell me a slightly smaller bowl then he is already housed in!

He's a lovely, intelligent wee thing, and very friendly. We think he's a bit of a passive-fish, he doesn't bother flaring at the mirror we showed him or anything like, but he follows you around his bowl. We have got him swimming thru a hoop when it's put in his bowl already.
On that note, is there anyone in the forum who's dead keen on fish training?
..And has anyone checked out r2fishschool? I was slightly dubious about fish training, but Bubbles already associates the hoop with being fed (as opposed to swimming through the hoop because my finger is on the other side). That took 3 training sessions of less than 5 minutes... That fish aint dumb!
As, you may have guessed already, I haven't had a pet fish before...


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Hi Claire, welcome to the forum and to the lovely world of bettas. Beware of the "betta bug" - it's very contagious in this forum. LOL

Your little friend will be happy in that 60cm tank. You can add some sort of substrate and live or silk plants. Lots of hiding places (other than the plants) will make him more at home.

Good luck on your new friend. Looking forward to hearing more about him.
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