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I just checked ammonia ans nitrite last night.
Ammonia is 0.5ppm and nitrite is too high 8ppm before water change. I am regularly doing 50-70% water exchange and I think the mortality has reduced a little bit but then I also haven't fed them last night. I wonder if it is the bbs.
And yes, I have been siphoning the solid waste everyday but some of it will never come out
Yeah, ammonia and nitrite is the culprit then. ☹

You might be overfeeding or there might be unmatched eggs/eggshells decaying. How long do you leave your hatchery to settle after you turn off the air? I find it needs a good 5-7 minutes to separate the shrimp from all the junk.

It's OK if some of the waste doesn't come out when siphoning. It's a constant battle but conditions need not be totally sterile. Hopefully these water changes will help a lot. Fingers crossed.🤞

How many fry are left?
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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