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HELP! Cannot get Nitrate levels down!

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I've had my 10 gal. fresh water tank with my betta and 4 zebra danios for about a year now. Recently, my nitrate levels have been extremely high, and no matter what I can't seem to get them down. I have live plants, I've been doing water changes every other day, but my nitrates seem to go right back up a day or two after I do a water change. Does anybody have any suggestions for getting them back down? My betta has just healed up from a fin rot issue, and I don't want it to come back.

There is also a ton of black hair-like algae growing on the plants and everywhere in the tank, but I don't know if that's related.

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How high are your Nitrates? How big are the water changes you are doing? There's nothing else but the Betta & 4 Danios in the 10g, no snails?
They are somewhere between 40 and 80 ppm. I've been doing about 50% water change every other day for the past week or so. YES I do have a lot of snails actually. They sneaked in with the plants.
I also have really hard water and high PH (8.2)
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